1964I was born in October 1948 in Sofia.

In the summer of 1967 for the first time I became aware of being estranged from the kind of life I lived quite indiscriminatingly. All of a sudden I felt confused and lost in a complicated world, which I found thoroughly unintelligible.

A year later, in the summer of 1968, quite “accidentally” I came upon three books which have changed by whole attitude to life ever since. Walking past one of the few Orthodox Church shops in Sofia that existed in that communist era, I caught a glimpse of a copy of the New Testament in the shop-window. It was the last copy in the shop as they had to take it from the shop-window shelf for me.


I started reading it casually and dispassionately - just as one reads a chance book by an obscure author. Many of the words of Jesus produced a great impression upon me and without any purposeful effort on my part they were forever imprinted in my mind. Although I have rarely reread them since, they are still alive inside me.

2004Another spiritual event of significance for me was reading Sir Edwin Arnold’s book “The Light of Asia” (1879), which was poorly translated into Bulgarian with a lot of errors and serious omissions. In spite of all translation defects, Buddha’s message reached me. While the words of Jesus overwhelmed my heart and lived on in it, the teaching of Buddha fascinated my mind and has been my most reliable compass in life ever since.

 The last of the spiritual events in the fateful 1968 took place at the end of August. One evening a chance acquaintance of mine lent me three small books, bound in a volume, to look through and give back to him by noon of the next day. Thus I had to read at one go the trilogy of the great German spiritual teacher Bo Yin Ra (1876-1943): “The Book on the Living God”, “The Book on Life Beyond” and “The Book on Man”.


I could comprehend very little from what I read, but nevertheless felt drawn as if by a magnet to the clear, precise and profound thoughts of the author of the trilogy and to its contents which thrilled my soul in a most mysterious way. A month later I found “The Book on the Living God” in Sofia University Library and copied the whole of it by hand. Never have I done this with another book – neither before, nor since.

2006In the books, and subsequently in the drawings, of Bo Yin Ra I found that authentic taste of Eternity and Infinity, which I have unsuccessfully been searching for before.

It turned out that he is the one and only contemporary Master of “Cosmic Wisdom” that I know of, who takes account of the fact that our planet is far from being the only “cradle of intelligent life” in the physical Universe, and also that the Ultimate objective of the individual human spirit lies immeasurably farther and higher than even the boldest imagination could picture.

In December 1979, most unexpectedly and just for a while, I found myself “beyond time” - in Eternity. Gradually, this experience became in a most peculiar way the very centre of my inner awareness, as well as a criterion for distinguishing between authentic spirituality and its numerous imitations.

Ever since I have been studying various doctrines on man’s path to spiritual awakening.

It was only recently, though, a year or so ago, that I achieved inner maturity. This has by no means been due to my own merits; therefore I am not in the position to propose a particular method for faster inner maturing.


2007Now I am thoroughly at peace and in no hurry to go anywhere. I feel no need to be either enlightened or saved by anybody.

I am perfectly ready to face death any day with the utmost good will and trust, because I fully recognize the fact that death is natural and inevitable, being an element of the eternal and wise natural order. I am fully conscious of being only in the beginning of the Great Way, but I also
know for sure that I already am “in the stream”. I have the feeling that I have boarded some invisible train which is taking me at maximum speed to the Great Unknown.

This is the reason why I have decided that the time has come for me to share my personal inner experience with anybody who could benefit from it.

Therefore, I have made up my mind to present all I wish to share in a small book, titled “Beyond Time”.

It is almost finished and I do hope that it will be published in Bulgarian by the end of 2013, while it’s English and Russian translations will come out in 2014.

May the book, as well as this website, reach their intended audience!