I do not follow in anybody’s footsteps, nor will I imitate their lifestyle. I’d rather be myself.

If I have a message to convey, it will be: learn what you need at this very moment from whoever you want, but always remain true to yourself.

In fact this message is not of my own creation; I am just one of the many who spread it around in our contemporary times. Therefore, it is not my aim to lead anybody to myself, or to anybody else for that matter.

I would only like to appeal to all of you reading these lines - to always believe in yourselves, be true to yourselves and to invariably follow the vocation of your own, not somebody else’s!

An ancient sage and a poet said these words long before me:

„Long and in vain have I searched for myself in the other.
Now I look deep into my being to uncover myself,
Thus ever becoming what I’ve eternally been...”

Personally, I admire and do respect the great individualities of brilliance, sometimes quite imprecisely referred to as “Masters”, although the latter consider themselves mostly as “Mirrors”.

“Mirrors”, whose mission is to redirect the otherwise outwardly focused attention of man to his inner self, to his unique centre of life and mind, instead of “teaching” him any external knowledge and skills in similarity to other widely popular and rather controversial “Masters”.

Once man’s attention is lastingly redirected inwards to its own centre and sources, all “Masters”, all holy and other scriptures, and even the very “Mirror-people” are rendered nearly useless to man’s further inner awakening.



Andysan - My Message